Utilizing the services of Ms. Reagan proved to be one of the best decisions I’ve made to improve the leadership skills of one of my senior managers. With Floranne’s coaching, a significant breakthrough occurred after 4 years of frustration and challenges. By far, one of the best investments I ever made in the development of a key manager in my organization. Worth every penny.

Mark A. Steinberg, President, Wausau Signature Agency

CBT retained EXXEL primarily because they were so highly recommended by several of our colleagues. Our colleagues were right, as their output was excellent, exactly to the point, and immediately usable.

Margaret Deutsch, Partner, CBT Architects

EXXEL has served as a valued member of SEA’s external Advisory Board. Ms. Reagan’s business experience and knowledge brought special insight to our discussions, which helped me formulate plans for keeping SEA growing and vibrant.

Fred Aufiero, President, SEA Consultants

The strong positive for me is having someone from the outside, who has no internal stake, understands the overall strategy and direction of the company, that can give unbiased feedback, constructive suggestions, and at times, emotional support.

Jim Sonia, General Manager, Mettler Toledo

From the first conversations we had, EXXEL cut to the heart of what we were looking for by asking the right questions, not only in speaking with me, but with many of our managers and staff members. Those discussions gave Ms. Reagan insight into our weaknesses and strengths, what areas needed attention, and this enabled her to create a very thorough and appropriate program for us.

Julie Cayer, Director of Marketing and Development,
Greater New Bedford Community Health Center, Inc.

Floranne Reagan of EXXEL, Inc. understands organizational design, strategic direction and human behavior. She has used this knowledge in conjunction with her consulting skills to help many of The Commonwealth Institute’s CEOs establish business goals and grow their businesses.

Aileen Gorman, Executive Director, The Commonwealth Institute

Floranne Reagan of EXXEL, Inc. has a clear understanding of organizational interpersonal dynamics and provided unbiased feedback on behaviors that were impacting my relationships with my peers. The coaching she gave me was very valuable and helped me not only better understand the impact of my behavior, but how to make adjustments to achieve my personal goals. It was a great benefit to me to have someone to discuss my concerns and get feedback from a different perspective.

Keith Braxton, President and CEO, Colorado Casualty Insurance Company

EXXEL has worked with us for the past six years, giving us unique perspectives about the opportunities that lie in our human resources. Their insights and execution have enabled us to stay ahead of the curve in our industry. As a professional services firm, where our “assets” walk out the door each evening, it’s good to know that EXXEL has helped us to develop strategies that keep them coming back. This is clearly reflected in our being named “Small Business of the Year, 2000” by the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce.

Rick Kobus, Founding Partner, Senior Principal, Tsoi/Kobus & Associates, Inc.

Floranne Reagan has helped Tsoi/Kobus with executive reviews. Through the interview process, she probes, listens, discovers, and records. The feedback she has provided to senior level staff has been extremely valuable.

Ed Tsoi, Founding Partner, Senior Principal, Tsoi/Kobus & Associates, Inc.


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