Key Services

Executive/Leadership Development
Targeted Change Management

Executive/Leadership Development

The following list highlights some specific areas where EXXEL’s leadership development focus contributes to business effectiveness and success:

  Conduct executive assessments and 360 evaluations
  Coach current and new managers for targeted development
  Advise company founders whose management styles are out of sync with their organizations’ needs
  Mentor principals and others with ineffective leadership skills
  Articulate leadership requirements for planned ownership transitions
  Develop the leadership abilities of key employees
  Identify necessary competencies and coach high potential employees to meet future challenges

Targeted Change Management

The following list highlights some specific areas where EXXEL’s consulting expertise facilitates change, growth, and organizational evolution:

    Provide strategic advice and support for employee and cultural assimilation due to a merger or acquisition
    Integrate organizational growth and transitions
    Identify tactics to avoid the loss of good people
    Advise and plan for restructuring and downsizing
    Mediate negative employee interactions that affect productivity
    Improve poor or inadequate communications across departments/divisions
    Create strategies to transform companies from paternalistic cultures
    Stimulate collaboration and teamwork that affects achievement of corporate goals
    Develop communication plans that align corporate vision and business objectives with individual and team goals
    Improve employee entrepreneurialism, creativity, and commitment
    Refocus managers on new business directions


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